My name is Simon Bone and I am an author. Sorry, can't make it sound any more descriptive than that. When writing I extend my name to "Simon R. Bone" so as not to be confused with the other "Simon Bone" (author of an excellent book on North Korea).

I was born in Hampshire, UK in the mid 1970's but at the age of two my family decided to move to the island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands where I grew up in a picturesque boyhood surrounded by beaches, cows and fishing boats.

I have many happy memories of my time there and it was there that I first began to realise that I wanted a career in writing. I was fortunate to be educated at the University of Cambridge but in the rather more technical field of Computer Science and started the first new media agency in the Channel Islands on returning. This grew rapidly through the dot-com years and beyond with 4 offices country-wide.The many varied and interesting experiences and characters I was involved with have formed a rich source of material.

Nowadays outside writing I am increasingly involved in the application of artificial intelligence techniques to high frequency trading for alternative investment funds while also lecturing on the digital economy.

For the last two years I have spent a lot more time in London (a Mecca for the creative industries) and been a semi-professional writer for a variety of genres and this website will hold news of my new publications.

Along side writing I also act and perform stand-up comedy and am extremely active in politics. Oh... and I play the guitar quite badly.

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