Here is a selection of the current writing projects I am engaged with. If you would like treatments for any of them please contact me for more details

     The End Of August

A high concept novella exploring the limits of obsession in the non-stop always connected world of today.

Told entirely through an email trail the reader encounters the ease at which curiosity can become madness.

November 2013.

     A Grain Of Sand

A common complaint today is that the rich have much better access to health care than the poor. But imagine a future where advances in technology have meant eternal life is possible but your life span is itself a currency to be saved, bartered or spent.

This dystopian fantasy tells the tale of small group who "neo-communists" who refuse to play this game and go on the run seeking the true value of life.

Summer 2014.


Nano-fiction is a new form of "Flash Fiction" where an entire story, including characters and ending must be written in ONLY 55 words.

"Threaded" is a collection of both independent and related Nano-fictions.

Winter 2013.

And On Novel, Black comedy regarding an eclectic mix of unpleasant Londonites.

Hekatonkheires Collection of my short stories.

Debrief Screenplay, Farce about a local council and the end of the world.

Caged Tigers TV sitcom, London media industry.

M&A Screenplay, Thriller, businesses who play by no rules.

Hedge Screenplay, non-linear slipstream sci-fi.

The Introducer Radio, thriller about 'middlemen'.

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